India's Construction Industry is a significant contributor to the nation's GDP. To substantiate, experts often provide input on the sector's future market value. In addition, manufacturers of heavy-duty equipment are continually introducing new products to enhance productivity and output at construction sites. Against this backdrop, Kobelco and LiGong have emerged as highly sought-after construction equipment brands in India. 

To be further precise, cranes from Kobelco & LiGong excavators are becoming increasingly popular among infra professionals. This is because the models feature durability, versatility, and exceptional performance. Additionally, their after-sales support and service are highly regarded. Hence, this ensures that customers can rely on their equipment for long-term use.

Kobelco 5035 Crane & LiuGong: Price & Features

Kobelco 5035 Crane 

This model from Kobelco is one the most promising cranes in India, and for the right reasons. To begin with, this crane boasts exceptional lifting capacity to carry out heavy materials. Additionally, it comes equipped with a high-performing engine that maximises work efficiency for infrastructure professionals. Moreover, this crane also operates in an eco-friendly manner. What's further interesting is its operator's cabin, with its emphasis on comfort and an excellent load display chart for clear visibility. With all these notable features, the crane price for this model ranges Rs. 34-36 Lakhs.   

LiuGong 922E Excavator

This LiuGong 922E is a powerful mid-sized machine that comes with innovative features. As a result, these attributes significantly upscale productivity. To illustrate, this model boasts an impressive maximum digging depth of 6562mm. This capability greatly enhances the efficiency of operators and minimises unnecessary delays. 

Moreover, the excavator is a popular choice for both mining and construction sites. Additionally, this machine features a robust 160-horsepower engine that delivers exceptional work output. Furthermore, the machine has an operating weight of 22000 Kg, and its ground clearance of 440 mm ensures optimal stability and balance. Perhaps most intriguingly, this excavator price range is quite reasonably priced in India. 

So, what is your requirement? An excavator or crane, or both? We at InfraJunction provide you with a wide range of construction equipment to choose from.